The Charitable Giving Value of People's Best Friend by Jacob Hochard

Jacob Hochard (Department of Economics, ICSP), Greg Howard (Department of Economics), Kayla Clark (School of Art and Design), John Whitehead (Visiting Troxler Professor Department of Economics) and Yuanhao Li (Norwegian School of Economics) partnered with the Salvation Army during the holiday season to conduct a local field experiment. The Troxler-funded study, The Charitable Giving Value of People's Best Friend, was conducted from November 27th-29th and tested whether the presence of dogs at bell ringing stations increased donations at a major retail store in Greenville, North Carolina.


EPA STAR Grant Officially Awarded! by Jacob Hochard

Thrilled our project has been awarded officially under the EPA's Integrating human Health and Well-Being with ecosystem services RFA.

Our early career team, Ariane Peralta (ECU Biology), Randall Etheridge (ECU Engineering) and Charles Sims (U. Tennessee Knoxville Economics), is excited to break ground on our project: 

Community-Level Management of Human Health Risks from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) with Defensive Natural Capital Investments.